ZBrush Resource Files available here.

Zbrush 2018 Gotchas:

To toggle between the new manipulator (move, rotate, scale) and the transpose tool, press y

Be sure to set dynamesh resolution (in the bottom menu) to 0 before converting zsphere preview geometry to polymesh geometry.

Camera Controls:
click+drag off mesh – rotate camera around mesh
click + alt off mesh – Pan camera
click + alt + release alt – zoom
shift + click off mesh + release shift – rotate camera along z axis
shift + click off mesh – view snap

Hot Keys:
t – enables edit mode
a – polymesh3D preview (zsphere + retopo only)
comma – toggle the lightbox
x – toggle symmetry
ctl + n – clear anything dropped to canvas (clear screen)
ctl + s – save
s – brush size
d – go to next highest subdivision level
shift + d – go to next lowest subdivision level
shift + sculpt on mesh – smooth brush


This is an older tutorial, but the saving options are the same. The quicksave files are now available in the lightbox menu, which opens automatically when you start ZBrush and can be toggled with the comma key.

project reference

Note: This is an older tutorial and setting Dynamesh Subdivisions to 0 was not a required step. You will still need to do it.

project reference

project reference

part 1

Note: The Keyshot portion of this tutorial is not required for 326C Modeling and Texturing


For a more in depth example of how to use zbrush materials in your renders, take a look here.